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Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

34. Kazusa kuroto no ura (Kuroto Bay in Kazusa Province)
35. Konodai tonegawa (Wild Goose Hill and the Tone River)
6. Iga, Ueno (Ueno in Iga Province)
20. Shimousa, choshi no hama, toura (The Outer Bay at Choshi Beach in Shimousa Province)
22. Omi, Biwako, Ishiyamadera (Ishiyama Temple and Lake Biwa in Omi Province)
33. Noto, taki no wa (Waterfall Beach in Noto Province)
34. Etchu, toyama, funabashi (The Bridge of Boats at Toyama in Etchu province)
36. Sado, kanayama (Gold Mine in Sado Province
37. Tanba, Kanegasaka (Mirror-slope in Tamba Province)
40. Inaba, karo, koyama (Mt Kaji in Inaba Province)
43. Iwami, Takatsu no yama, shiohama (The Salt Makers Beach near Takatsu in Iwami Province
46. Mimasaka, yamabushidani (The Yamabushi Gorge in Mimasaka Province)