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Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

6. Toto asukayama (Mt. Asuka in the Eastern Capital)
10. Toto surugacho (Suruga District in the Eastern Capital)
12. Musashi Honmoku no hana (Cherry blossoms at Honmoku in Musashi Province)
14. Sagami shichirigahama (Shichiri Bay in Sagami Province)
15. Sagami enoshima iriguchi (The entrance at Enoshima in Sagami Province)
18. Izu no sanchu (Izu Mountain)
22. Sun'en oigawa (The Oi River between Suruga and Totomi Provinces)
17. Hakone no kosui (Lake at Hakone)
25. Shinano suwa no mizuumi (Lake Suwa in Shinano Province)
28. Kaiinume toge (The Pass of Inume Kai Province)
29. Musashi Tamagawa (Tama River in Musashi Province)
30. Musashi Koganei (Koganei in Musashi Province)