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Reference » Ukiyo-e »  Artists Biographies

Kaoru Kawano 1916-1965

Kaoru Kawano was a self-taught, known Sosaku Hanga artist. 

Kawano was born in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japanese northern island in 1916.  In 1944 his work was accepted by the Nihon Hanga Kyokai (Japan Print Association). It was during the Second World War and his works were purchased by American and people from overseas to take them their home countries.

By the 1950s his works were frequently exhibited in Japan, USA, Europe and South Asia and he participated in various international competitions. In 1960s, his works were further seen in Australia, Denmark, Sweden and Italy as part of Japanese modern print exhibitions. Unfortunately the artist was unable to travel any of foreign countries due to his poor health as he had heart problems. 

His most well-known images are depictions of children and female figures. He used wood grain in many of his works to enhance the textures.