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Reference » Ukiyo-e »  Artists Biographies

Yoshitora Utagawa active ca. 1840-1880

Printmaker and illustrator, born as Nagashima Tatsugoro. The date and birthplace are unknown. He lived and worked in Tokyo.

As a student of Kuniyoshi, he took the title of Utagawa after the school, and worked under the artist name of Ichimosai Kinchorō. He was the oldest pupil of Kuniyoshi. Similar to his master, he excelled in samurai and warrior (musha-e), as well as actors’ bust portraits: yakushaookubi-e beauties, and Yokohama-e: depictions of foreigners. After Meiji Restoration, he produced many genre scenes. Yoshitora also worked as an illustrator from 1836 to 1865 and active newspaper reporter during that period.

13 years after Kuniyoshi’s death Yoshitora was expelled from Utagawa school for unknown reasons.

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