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23. Sazai Hall of the 500 Rakan Temple


Item code : DUC280

Artist Hokusai Katsushika
Subject Landscapes
Series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Publisher Nishimuraya Yohachi
Format Oban (Horizontal)
Size 38 x 25.2 cm
Date Edo (1615 - 1868)


Published in c. 1831-1835

This print shows a number of pilgrims gazing at Mt. Fuji from the deck of the Sazaidou temple, which is dedicated to the 500 rakan, the legendary disciples of the Buddha.

Characters within the print are mostly depicted from the back, which invites the viewer into the scene itself. We join the lively atmosphere of arrival and departure on a sunny day in Edo-era Japan.

Hokusai's affinity for geometric composition can be spotted in this image. The iconic triangle that is Mt. Fuji, becomes the tip of a larger triangle that is anchored in the line of figures on the balcony. The young man on the far left who is pointing at the mountain, constitutes the left corner of the triangle. The figure on the right who is also raising his arm is his counterpart. Both of them create a line to draw our eye back to the focal point of this composition, Mt. Fuji.

The juxtaposition of the flowing lines that compose the figures in this print and the precise geometric detail found in the depiction of the temple make this image very dynamic and expressive.


Condition : Good       Impression : Very Good

Centrefold. Right edge supported with backing. Small part of upper edge restored with colour.