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A poem by Kinto


Item code : DUh042

Artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Subject Male & Female
Series One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Format Oban (Vertical)
Size 24.4 x 35.2 cm
Date Meiji (1868 - 1912)


In the midst of glimmering whiteness
Among the night’s moon-shadows
I part the snow and pluck plum blossoms — Kinto
Shirajira to
Shiraketaru yo no
Tsukikage ni
Yuki kakewakete
Ume no hana oru — Kinto

This elegant print depicts Fujiwara no Kinto, a prominent musician, historian and poet at the Heian court. He picks a branch of a plum tree that grows in the imperial courtyard, and rests it on his fan to admire the dainty white blossoms. Just as the black branches of the tree contrast its flowers, Kinto’s black robes stand out against the stark white of the snow that covers the ground. Yoshitoshi used shomenzuri, or the front printing process to create the intricate pattern on the robes.


Condition : Excellent       Impression : Excellent
Several wormholes around the edges restored with backing. Hole within the print restored with backing. Paper slightly brown around the bottom edge.