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No.38 Dawn inside the Yoshiwara


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After bath


Item code : DUF179

Artist Chikanobu Yoshu
Subject Beauty & Female
Series Court Ladies of the Chiyoda Palace
Publisher Fukuda Kumajiro, Hatsujiro
Format Triptych
Size 24.1 x 36.1 cm, 23.3 x 36.1 cm, 24 x 36.3 cm
Date Circa Late 19th C.


One of Chikanobu's best known series; designed in a triptych format, depicting daily activities and annual events which took place in the Edo castle, where the court ladies of the Tokugawa family resided in a secluded situation.

The princess in the centre print, after bathing, wears a summer Kimono with blue hollyhock leaves on white. A maid on the right is giving breeze air and the other serving a cold tea. The machinery fan was manually operated and seen during the Edo period. 


There are stains, holes and vertical folded lines on papers. Colours are faded. Papers are backed.