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Moonlight patrol (gekka no sekko)— Saito Toshimitsu



Item code : DUh009

Artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Subject Samurai & Male
Series One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Format Oban (Vertical)
Size 24.2 x 35.4 cm
Date Meiji (1868 - 1912)


Oda Nobunaga subjugated almost all of Japan by force of arms. Nevertheless, Japan continued to be in a state of chaos because many of Nobunaga’s rivals were still hungry for power. The theme of this picture comes from Taikoki (Chronicle of Hideyoshi, the Taiko, or regent). 

Toshimitsu was a Saito officer, and his father, Kuranosuke, was a servant of Akechi Mitsuhide (1526-1582). Mitsuhide was one of Nobunaga’s right-hand warlords; however, Mitsuhide machinated and killed Nobunaga at the Honnogi temple in Kyoto in the summer of 1582, despite Toshimitsu and his father having attempted to dissuade him from betraying Nobunaga. 

In this picture, Toshimitsu is meditating on what is to come. He is heavily armed with a naginata (halberd) and patrols the Kamo River in Kyoto in preparation for the attack on Nobunaga. The detailing on Toshimitsu’s yoroi (armour) and kabuto (hat) against the calm background creates contrast, making this picture dramatic and magnificent.


Condition : Excellent       Impression : Excellent
Very good; original margins, small ink mark in background.