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Saga Moor moon


Item code : DUh123

Artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Subject Samurai & Male
Series 100 Aspects of the Moon
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Format Oban (Vertical)
Size 23.7 x 35.9 cm
Date Meiji (1868 - 1912)


Two musicians respond to each other on their respective instruments; the man plays his flute and the empress's attendant by the veranda a koto. Nakakuni, who used to accompany Kogo no Tsubone's koto playing at court, was sent to look for the beautiful musician by the emperor, her lover. She was forced to flee as her life was in great danger; her unborn child posed threat to the extant heir whose parents were the emperor and empress. The clever Nakakuni located her by playing his part in piece called Sofuren, a work they used to perform at court.

Although Nakakuni convinced her to return, and she gave birth to a girl, she was forced to become a nun at the young age of twenty-three.


the left margin half torn, the publisher's seal faded, minor marks around the margin