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Shichirigahama in Soshu Province


Item code : DUC281

Artist Hokusai Katsushika
Subject Landscapes
Series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Publisher Nishimuraya
Format Oban (Horizontal)
Size 37.5 x 25.6 cm
Date Edo (1615 - 1868)


Published c.1829-1833.

This print shows the view of Mount Fuji from Shichiri beach in Soshu province.
The entire image is taken up by nature with just a cluster of small houses tucked away behind a hill on the right-hand side of the print.

A particular style of printing called aizuri-e was used to produce this image. Predominantly printed in Prussian blue, gradations and multiple rounds of printing over the same area to build up colour were used to create depth and indicate shapes. Hokusai, among other artists, picked up this style of printing in the 1820s when it first gained popularity.

The cool overall colour of the image would usually be indicative of autumn in Western art, whereas reds and browns are more typical colour-choices for depicting that particular season in ukiyo-e. The slight mystery and freedom to personally interpret the season of this print adds to its appeal.


Condition : Good       Impression : Good
Slightly faded. Paper slightly discoloured. Centerfold on the back. Hole restored with backing in lower right corner.