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Sumiyoshi full moon Lord Teika


Item code : DUh051

Artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Subject Samurai & Male
Series One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
Format Oban (Vertical)
Size 23.7 x 35.3 cm
Date Meiji (1868 - 1912)


This scene takes place under a full moon (which does not appear in the composition) in the Sumiyoshi Shinto shrine in Settsu province. People would visit the shrine to admire the magnificent pine tree growing there. It was said that the god poetry, to whom the shrine was dedicated, would visit the great poets who spent the night there in a dream. Such an event is depicted in this print, as the god floats above the famous thirteenth century tanka poet, Fujiwara no Sadaie or Teika, who continues to sleep on the porch.


Good, backed, left margin with publisher's seal replaced.