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The poet Kakinomoto no Hitomaro and Mount Fuji


Item code : DUC292

Artist Hokusai Katsushika
Subject Samurai & Male
Series 100 Views of Mt Fuji, Volume 1
Publisher Eirakuya Toshiro
Format Chuban
Size 27 x 21.9 cm
Date Edo (1615 - 1868)


27 x 21.9 cm, from a bound volume.

This print is from the series one hundred views of Mount Fuji, published between 1835 and 1880. Hokusai evidently had a deep connection to the mountain, which had become a place of worship and pilgrimage for ascetic Buddhists and Shinto sects alike. The series followed Hokusai’s successful colour prints of thirty-six views of Mount Fuji. Though in absence of colour, the one hundred views series displays Hokusai's unique composition, sometimes challenging the viewer to spot the playfully concealed peak of Mount Fuji.

Ranked as one of the thirty six immortal poets, Kakinomoto no Hitomaru was an aristocratic waka poet of the late Asuka Period (c. 538-710) in Japan. His poetry was known for its length, and dealt with public ceremonial occasions, as well as personal issues such as the loss of his wife and the incident where he saw a corpse. 

An example of his Waka poetry is his composition On the Heavens: 

On the sea of the heavens
Waves of cloud arise,
The moon-a boat-
Amongst a forest of stars
Rows on, hidden, or so it seems.


Condition : Very Good       Impression : Excellent
Backing applied. Pages bound together, minor stains at bottom of page